The high precision and longevity of technical components such as vessels, piping systems, turbine shafts, and vehicles in the automotive and aviation industry, is achieved in part by routinely performed preventative in-service inspections (ISI), preferably using non-destructive testing (NDT).

Powerful and intelligent ultrasonic testing systems are indispensable for ISI inspections. These systems should be usable for stationary, in situ applications and must be suited to the individual inspection task to ensure high inspection standards. In addition, they must be easy and quick to setup and use.


We provide standard and custom-designed ultrasonic equipment and components for a large variety of testing applications.

Fraunhofer IZFP's latest development UNIUS, a single channel ultrasonic Pulser/Receiver (P/R) Board can be easily integrated by ITK Software in customer GUI.

Q NET also provides UNIUS P/R Boards already integrated in ruggedized Notebooks for rough industrial environment which can easily be adopted to the customer's needs.

The receiver has ≥ 100 dB gain range and 0.1 dB resolution with 0.5 - 20 MHz bandwidth. The pulser is negative square wave 0-300V. For more details see section Technical Data

Technical Data


Number of transmitter channels


Pulse shape

Negative square wave

Pulse width

30 ns to 800 ns, adjustable in steps of 12.5 ns

Pulse rise time

± 2 ns (10% to 90% amplitude)

Pulse fall time

20 ns ± 5 ns(90% to 10% amplitude)

Pulse delay

0 ns to 17.89 s, resolution 4,17 ns

Transmitter voltage

Internal power supply: 0 V to 300 V programmable in 256 (1.17V) steps
External power supply: up to 800V possible

Transmitter output impedance

50 Ω, 300 Ω selectable by jumper

Pulse repetition frequency

≤ 15 kHz [300 Ω, 50 ns pulse width, N23 ultrasonic reference standard] 
dependent on pulse width, pulse voltage, sampling rate, measurement range


Number of receiver channels

1 (one connected to pulser [IE] and one separated [SE])

Receiver input impedance

50 Ω, 300 Ω selectable by jumper

Min. input sensitivity

100 µVss

Max. input signal

10 Vss

Input dynamic range

≥100 dB

Receiver characteristic


Gain range

≥100 dB, resolution 0.1 dB

TGC (Time gain control)
Distance amplitude correction

up to 256 values, equidistant time steps, min. time step width 1 µs; the usable range is full range minus gain;

Receiver bandwidth

0.5 MHz - 20 MHz (-3 dB range)


4 analog filters, fix
1 MHz (0.5 MHz – 2 MHz) / 2 MHz (1.2 MHz – 3 MHz)
4 MHz (3.2 MHz – 5.4 MHz) / 10 MHz (6 MHz – 14 MHz) / Bypass
Optional 3 additional analog filters, pluggable

Operating modes


Receiver delay

0 ns to 17.89 s , resolution 4.17 ns

Digital Section

A/D converter resolution

14 Bit (13 Bit + sign)

Dynamic range A/D converter

≤ 70 dB

A/D sampling rate

240 MS/s

Time span resolution

12,5 ns

Acquisition delay

0 - 53 s (32 bit)


Max. 128 k Samples (546 ìs at 240 MHz;1092 ìs at 120 MHz;
1638 ìs at 80 MHz; etc.)

Digital section

Data acquisition modes

Echo start gate (US_0)

(US_0 = surface)

0 – 53 s, resolution 12.5 ns

Mode: threshold exceeding / gate end or fixed probe delay

0 – 53 s, resolution 12.5 ns


Number of ranges: 1

Measurement range: 546 ìs – 34,9 ms, dependent on ADC-Sampling rate (scaling factor 1 - 64)

Start measurement range: US_0 to 53 s, resolution 12.5 ns

Data format: 16 Bit words (14Bit ADC-Data + overflow)


Average of 2, 4, … 512 measurement results with pseudo random or fix time delay

Optional: Data acquisition modes Implementation on request


Number of gates: 4 (overlap allowed)

Measurement range: US_0 to 53 s, resolution 12.5 ns

Data format: 16 Bit words (14Bit ADC-Data + threshold exceeding, 16 Bit runtime, resolution 12.5ns)


Number of ranges: 1

Sampling depth: 125, 250, 500, 1000 Pixel

Sampling start: US_0 / SAP

Measurement range: dependent on sampling depth and scaling factor (1-255)

Data format: 16 Bit words (14Bit ADC-Data + Overflow)


Number of ranges: 1

Sampling depth: dependent on sampling depth of the HF-Signal

Sampling start: dependent on sampling start of the HF-Signal

Measurement range: dependent on sampling depth, sampling-rate of the HF-Signal and the scaling factor (2-256)

Data format: 16 Bit words (14Bit ADC-Data+ Overflow)

Inputs / Outputs

Trigger input

Coded CTP-trigger from coordinates unit,
LVTTL, H- or L- active, pulse width > 100 ns

Digital I/O

5 Input and 5 Output with ground

Extension connector

I/Os for possible extension boards

Communication and data

USB 3.0, standard
Fiber- Optic interface on request (1500 Mbit)


Operating temperature

5°C to 50°C

Form factor

PCI Short Card (174 x 106,689) only mechanical support,
Height of component side is with 20 mm out of PCI specification. 
Power supply from external connector. 
Additional mounting holes for stand-alone applications.

Power supply

12V DC, approx. 1,1 A (≤ 13,2 W)

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